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      The usage of square nut is DIN557 imported from Jiali

      Square nut DIN557

      According to the use demand, there are many kinds of accessories that may be used on a frame. Today, it is important to say that the square nut of industrial aluminum profile fittings is a special accessory of national standard profile. It is often used with hexagon bolts and flat machine bolts. So how can the two bolts and square nuts be used?

      Square nut is often used with corner parts. The bolt passes through the hole of corner part, then the bolt is put in along the notch, and then it is locked in the position to be fixed clockwise. Then it is fastened with square nut. Square nut is usually used on national standard aluminum profile. It can be embedded in the groove pit of industrial aluminum profile in advance, It is convenient to install beams and columns in which part of the subsequent installation. The embedded connection method is as mentioned above, the commonly used hexagon bolts and machine bolts are commonly used. This connection method requires countersunk hole processing in the fixed position of aluminum profile.

      The use method of square nut for industrial aluminum profile fittings is as described above. If there are any unknown small partners, please consult Zhuhai Jiali. Here is a specialized profile and accessories manufacturer, and corresponding solutions are provided according to the needs of customers.

      Zhuhai Jiali Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in selling all kinds of stainless steel small screws, k-nuts, ring nuts, fastening nuts, square nuts, square nuts, square nuts and other nuts, imported materials, complete specifications, super long and short specifications are available. Welcome to call for advice.

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